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Get to know the evening tour 2022 From the end of January to the middle of March 2022, fairly small - and even smaller concert venues will be visited by Tønes. Together with Anne Lise Frøkedal, everything from Klepp in Rogaland to Son by the Oslo Fjord is visited.

Together they bring with them the best from Tønes' acclaimed album this autumn, «Thilda Bøes Legat». The album, which was finished while everyone was still sitting at home, was rewarded with a roll of the dice and a unison tribute in most of the country's largest media. Well-known and less-known Tønes songs. In a suitably close and soberly intimate setting. Sometimes with serving. Finally, we will get to know each other properly.


    • Nytorget 14
    • 4014 Stavanger
    51 89 32 05

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