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Trio Galante offers excerpts from some of the most famous Christmas works by composers such as Bach, Mozart, Vivaldi, Araja, Vinci, and more. All in a close format on the Mesanine. The trio consists of Ulvi Hasanli, Åshild Spikkeland, and Kiril Kutin. Ulvi Hasanli has a master's degree in both violin and viola from the Grieg Academy in Bergen and UiS, and contributes with his bell-ready violin playing at the concert. Soprano and Zwischenfach Åshild Spikkeland perform with her strong singing voice, and at the piano we find Kiril Kutin, active soloist and accompanist, who has won several talent competitions and awards. Welcome to a warm and beautiful hour!

PARTICIPATING Ulvi Hasanli, violin Åshild Spikkeland, soprano Kiril Kutin, piano DURATION About. 1 hour and 5 minutes, including a short break. ORGANIZER Åshild Spikkeland Music and Theater   


    • Sandvigå 1
    • 4007 Stavanger
    51 53 70 00

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