Tungenes is the name of the northernmost point of Jæren. The area is rich in cultural monuments from the Stone Age up to World War II. A walk along the beaches from Viste and out to Tungenes will reveal seven thousand years of history from the Stone Age settlement Vistehola (Svarthola), via a few thousand years younger burial mounds and stone monuments, further to century-old stone boathouses and drystone fences, to World War II bunkers and artillery installations.

Out at Tungenes Lighthouse there are additional cultural sites preserved. In Tungevågen, there are remnants of a hamlet that existed into the 20th century; a stone boathouse has been restored as the only remaining building from that time. Just by the lighthouse are the ruins of a big gun emplacement from World War II. Otherwise a number of old drystone fences have been restored.

Tungenes and the surrounding areas are popular destinations for the people of Sør-Rogaland and for tourists. The nature experiences are magnificent and rich in all kinds of weather and at all times, and with all the ships passing by on the ocean you always have a feeling that something is happening here. Many people combine the visit to Tungenes with a walk in Tungevågen.



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  • Tungenes
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Where is Tungenes?