The production at the deer farm consist of selling live animals to other deer farms, deer safaris and meat production

Deer has, based on experience, good aspect for breeding. Average age for a female deer is 17 years, and depending on her weight she will have her first calf as a 2 or 3 year old. They are concidered adults when they reach 5 years and at that point they weigh approxomately 60-90 kilos. The male deer is not concidered an adult untill he is 6 to 8 years old. They will then be about 80 to 120 kilos. A crown deer can cover a large number of female deer.

The deer will eat most of what is available, but can also select the food wich containes a higher level of nourishment. It will do this specially in their production period which is the summer half of the year. In this period it is important that it has access to food rich in proteins and easily digestable. In the winter their metabolism is heavily reduced and a diet like the one in the summer is waisted.

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Where is Urnes Farm and Deer Farm?