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Artists from Stasjon K, Sandnes

Fie Von Krogh, Inger Bruun, Torill Brosten, Marianne Løvvik, Liv Eiene, Magny Tjelta Jaatun and Turi Gramstad Oliver


Painting - print - object

The K artists from the studio community Station K work in different techniques and express themselves differently. The exhibition will reflect this. In the selection of work, we have nevertheless emphasized possible common features. Both in concrete terms and in a figurative sense.

The exhibition title "Kongruens" was chosen precisely because of the idea of possible parallels in the arts. The word can be explained as "correspondence", that something is in line. That is, not that something is the same, but that there may be commonalities.

The seven artists all have a long career as artists, with several group and solo exhibitions on their CV. They are represented at various institutions and public gatherings.


    • Olav Kyrresgate 5
    • 4307 SANDNES
    51 60 20 00

    Where is Utstilling - Kongruens II?