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Vamp belongs to the elite of Norwegian music life. They have developed a special expression in the meeting between music and poetry that has struck the Norwegian folk soul.

Their latest release "Tiå det tar" received consistently brilliant reviews and high dice rolls from reviewers and some even thought that this is Vamp's best release so far. The catalog is full of well-known and beloved songs that they pour out at their concerts.

They have achieved a lot of honors and glory, including 5 Spellemannsprisen, Prøysenprisen and Medaasprisen and sold over a million records.

Vamp consists of:

Øyvind Staveland: fiddle, flutes, vocals, viola, accordion

Jan Toft: vocals, guitar

Odin Staveland: drums, vocals, piano, percussion, accordion

Kjetil Dalland: bass, chorus

Lars Eirik Støle: Piano, organ, synths, accordion, choir


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