From Vårlivarden (386 m.o.h.) you have a panorama in all directions. Vårlivarden is the highest peak between Lutsivassdraget and Høgsfjorden. The view is impressive and gives a great view of Ryfylke and the Stavanger Peninsula. The area around Vårlivarden is characterized by mixed forest and deciduous forest alternating with open areas. At Kleivadalsvatnet there is a deciduous forest with oak and aspen that attracts several species of woodpeckers. A number of blueberries also grow in the area.

There are several starting points for the paths in the area, but if you arrive by car, the best parking is at Øvre Hetland, at Myrland and at Maudland. The distance between Øvre Hetland and Vårlivarden is around 5 km. Many round trips are possible in the district. A round trip from Myrland takes about 1 1/2 hrs. whilst from Øvre Hetland about 3 hours. The mountain can also be reached from Bersagel and DNT cabin Nodhagen.

The paths can be both rocky and marshy and therefore unsuitable for prams, pushchairs or wheel-chairs. The Maudland Area ​There are many nice hikies in the area with nice view from the peaks, like Eilevfjell, Bjellandfjell and Storaberget. Grindavatnet was earlier water supply to the airport at Sola.

Transport: Bus nr. 21 from Sandnes city centre to Maudland for hiking to Vårlivarden and Maudland. Get off the bus at Hogstad if you want to hike to Storaberget or Grindavatnet.

Parking: Myrland, Bergsagel, Maudland and Øvre Hetland.

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Where is Vårlivarden and Maudlandsområdet?