The valley is formed by glaciers during earlier ice ages. The Våtedal river flows through the valley from south to north, and flows into the Bergheimsvatnet lake at Byrkjelo. Furthermore, the Breimselva flows through the village of Breim to Breimsvatnet in the west. The river has good fishing for trout.

The southern part of the valley is uninhabited, and steep mountains surround the valley to the north. Farther north on the Bergheimsvatnet, the farm Hjelle lies on the west side of the valley and the farm Bergheim at the end of the valley. The striking landmark Eggenipa (1338 meters above sea level) lies at the entrance to the Våtedalen from Byrkjelo in the north. Våtedalen is known for goat farming, and it is not undeniable that one ends up in the middle of a flock of goats on the way.

Source: Nordfjord


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    Where is Våtedalen?

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