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Have you ever been somewhere and thought - "This was an interesting place; it would have been enriching to have more background info!" Have you ever wanted to hear more about the community you are visiting? What about the history of the place? Who or what gave it its name? Who was the person for whom a memorial statue was erected? What purpose did historical buildings have in their time? What are some of the attractions near me – what is the best way to get there? What can be experienced in the city I find myself in?

Then Voice of Norway is for you!

Voice of Norway is a guide service for smartphones that you can easily customize to your own needs. Download the app, select the route and language for the area you are in or want to visit. The content is automatically played when you move within the radius of a point, whether you are walking, driving, or traveling in a boat, train or bus.

The information is presented with sound (narration), pictures and text. You can pause, playback at any time and rewind if you wish. Scroll up or down on your screen to read text and click links.

Download for free from the AppStore or GooglePlay or use this link 

A virtual travel guide for your own pace. Get stories and useful information wherever you are!


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