Lærdal centre - Hedler - Mjølkeflate - Stødno - Øyabrua - Lærdal Centre
Start from the centre of Lærdal, proceed across the bridge in the direction of the Fodnes tunnel (Road 5) and take to the left. Walk along the fjord. You can either walk to Mjølkeflaten (81.m.above seaslevel) directly or via Jektesanden. From Mjølkeflaten you walk towards Stødno, the farm road to the Øya bridge and continue along the river to the village centre. The round trip takes about 2 hours.

Saltkjelen - Ljøsnaveiti

Start from the Saltkjelen bus stop at Ljøsne (appr. 15 km from the centre on the E16). The trail is marked and hasd iinfomration signs. The aquaduct was built in the 1890s to carry water to the Ljøsne farms situated on the old sealevel terrace. Much of the aquaduct has been made into a walking trail. The aquaduct is an impressive constructionpassing through some lovely scenery with interesting flora.
Appr. 120 m.above sealevel. The walk takes 1 - 2 hours.

Centre - Oftedalen
Start at Oftebrua bridge at about 300 m. east of the hospital (appr. 2 km from the centre- yoou can walk along the river from the centre to the Øya bridge). Walk up along the left bank of the Ofta river to the farm bridge. Cross the bridge to the information board where the farm road starts. Good track with trail guide and signs showing place names. Attractyive cultural landscape and good views of the valley and tyhe fjord. The Oftedalen Valley lies appr. 780 m. above sealevel and the walk takes about 2 - 3 hours from Ofta. Alternatively you can take short walks to Nedre Vangen (85 m. above sealevel) , Øvre Vangen (altitude 180 m) or Løberghaugen (alt. 375 m. above sealevel)


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