For updates on the times enter the  and book online.  This part of "The Golden Route" will take you on a trip from Geiranger center, oppgjennom village to select any of the worlds most photographed view point; Flydalsjuvet. Stemmed go ride ascent to the Dalsnibba (1500 m). There you can enjoy views of the mountains and the Geiranger Fjord. Flydalsjuvet: Eit of Council, if not worlds, most photographed view point. From the top of the 80 meters, falling to deep gorge you can enjoy views of the Geiranger Fjord and cruise ships. Dalsnibba/skywalk: Ein of Council most easily accessible mountaintop that can be done by car. This is a oppleving due to the fantastic great view of 360 degrees overview of the mountains and the Geiranger Fjord in the bottom. The bus ride to the top takes 45 minutes and here you get ein ei oppleving of the multiplicity nature with rich flora and fauna, geological aspect, crystal clear lakes and waterfalls, glaciers and mountain summits. Enjoy select any of climax during your residence in Geiranger together with us!  

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