PK & LEIJA BIOGRAPHYPK Keränen (b. 1964) is one of Finland's most respected rock musicians, well-known from theFinnish band 22-Pistepirkko. He's a self-taught guitarist, singer, performing artist, composer, lyricistand arranger. His first solo album, Serobi Songs was released in early 2020. The song "Let go"was chosen as the theme song for the Danish-Norwegian TV series Mellom Oss (Between Us)which has been screened in several European countries.Wanting to bring new harmonic and musical dimensions into his life, PK couldn't stop wondering,what the combination of edgy guitar sounds, stompbox beats and an actual accordion would soundlike. Not long after that, he was being introduced to Leija Lautamaja, a melodeon- and reedorgan-playing virtuoso.Leija Lautamaja (b. 1990) is an internationally performing artist, composer and musician. Keepingin touch with her cultural roots of Western Finland, Lautamaja has built her versatile career as amusician on her passions songwriting, social folk dancing and traditional tunes.PK Keränen and Leija Lautamaja have joined forces starting a new musical chapter as a duo.Coming from two fairly different genres, Keränen and Lautamaja meet in the heart of music, drivenby an intuitive musical connection. The sound of the duo varies from the soft and gentle acousticchords to powerful fuzzy eruption and lets the extraordinary voice of PK Keränen shine at its verybest. It's no surprise that PK's and Leija's fusion has transported listeners into a world of an earthyand grounded musical essence stirred up by rocking, bluesy winds:"An awesome duo! Monsters of the groove! Leija's melodeon mixes with PK's original voice,atmospheric ballads, silly pop tracks, the timeless and universal melancholy of rock'n'roll riffs,recalling memories of the good ol' Saturday night barn dances. One doesn't find this kind of combooften. And how cool they look on stage!" (Pasi Lampela, director & author).Spotify: Live (unlisted): 


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