We are excited to launch our monthly Full-Moon Bio-Talks, where we gather an interdisciplinary group of material experts and explorers to an informal show and tell, here at our BioDesign Lab at Laksevåg.

We invite like-minded individuals, researchers and freelancers eager to shape a sustainable society and biobased materials to the Kick Off and first event: the SNOW MOON.

Each Full-Moon will host short lectures from three or four people highlighting innovative work within biomaterials across specialized fields from research, industry, public sector, design or artistic explorations.

We envisage about an hour of presentations and two hours of mingling, with opportunities for some beverages and finger food.

SNOW MOON Bio-Talks on 02nd of February 2023 from 17.00 to 20.00


Kåre Aleksander Grundvåg presenting his artistic research evolving nature and technology.

Camilla Bersvendsen from Kystskogbruket presenting their current works of ocean and land fibers valorisations.

Alexandre Bau and Blandine Zaba from Bioregion Institute sharing current projects and new equipments such as our new Wasp 40100 3D printer. They will also present possibilities to join our residency program.

Entrance: Kr. 100,- (free for our members & residents) Limited 50 seats


02. februar:


  • Damsgårdsveien 227
  • 5160 Laksevåg

Hvor er SNOW MOON / Bio Talk?

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