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Meet the guide at 09:15 in Tafjord. Here you will get your personal kayak gear, and an introduction to how to use the equipment. From our office at the harbor you will fist padle towards the great waterfall, Slufsa. To padle close up to Slufsa is a powerful adventure on its own.

About halfway on the tour you will hike with the guide up to an abandoned farm where you will get served a local lunch. The farm is located right across the scar of the Tafjord Accident and is a perfect spot for a local story or two. After lunch you will padle a different route back to the harbor in Tafjord, and hopefully porpoise and eagles will come visit us up close.

The guided tour starts and ends at our base in Tafjord. The tour is under 14 KM, and last for maximum 6 hours. At our base you can store personal belongings and take a shower afterwards.

Daily departures in July!
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