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Storlisetra is a restored summer mountain pasture and the work was carried out through voluntary work in 2002-03. The cabin is easily accessible on the hill south of Vinjeøra. Park at the sign by E39 opposite of the Tourist Information sign, and walk through the yard of the farm Fjelnesetgarden. Follow a forest road south. Allow approx. 40 min to the cabin.

Parts of the cabin inside is preserved as it once was. Two buildings makes the pasture, the annexe and the main house. Nice view north towards Kyrksæterøra. Marked trails to Grytbakksetra with the path dividing on the mountain towards the mountain farm Kårøyan, where Kristiansund and Nordmøre Trekking Association has an agreement for accomodation. Great terrain with a great view and fishing possibilities. To the north, a days walk to Sollia and Storfiskhytta - both trails start at the top of the housing estate of Vinjeøra. Alternatively one can walk to Staurset. Possibilities for a boat ride across the fjord with a following path to Sollia. Check updated information on boat rides on Sollia's page on www.kntur.no or contact Kristiansund and Nordmøre Trekking Association.

Storlisetra is well suited as a starting point for trips to the west on the southern part of the Fjord Route, parly because it is easily accessible when arriving in the evening, but also because the trip up is short and easy.

Total amount of beds: 15 - 13 on bedrooms and annexe, in addition to two in the living room. The cabin is self-serviced and open all year.

Kristiansund og Nordmøre Trekkingassociation

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  • 7203 Vinjeøra
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