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Shops, museum and RIB boats

Brandasund is a place where you can experience history, coastal culture, hiking trips, spectacular swimming excursions and RIB boat trips.

E. Johnsen & Sønner village store is open all year round. It sells groceries, and in the summer season you can also visit the Fabrikkloftet café. There is also a marina here, with excellent facilities for tourists visiting by boat.

Another village shop is Skjeret Landhandel, which also houses a small museum. ‘Nillo på Skjeret’ (Pernille) was a very familiar figure to many people. She lived here throughout virtually all of the 20th century, and for many years ran an interesting shop here. Nillo was practically an institution in herself, with her fascinating personality. The shop is still here.

Brandasund Kultur & Fritid will take you on a RIB boat trip, perhaps to the island of Utslåttøy with its unusual rock formations, Slåtterøy Lighthouse, or perhaps some of the other coastal islands – Austevoll or Fitjar. Brandasund Kultur & Fritid will customise the trip around what you want to do. If you have always wanted to go on a spectacular boat trip to the mouth of the fjord, they can arrange that too.

The road to this historic and fascinating place is an experience in itself. Narrow roads, bridges and a stunning coastal landscape – all at the very western edge of Norway. Brandasund is about 20 km north of Bremnes village in Bømlo. You can get here with your own car, motorbike, bike, or take the local bus from places like Bremnes.

The road here takes you over the island of Goddo, which is also a popular hiking destination. The new Kurebu hiking cabin is in Bømlo municipality. The trail there is beautiful, and the terrain is easy. The cabin is open during the day for anyone who wants to call in.

The Goddosen cabin development is also here, where you can buy plots or cabins with exciting architecture and a minimal carbon footprint.

Both here and Brandasund are beautiful places for watching the sun set over the sea.

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