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In the 1860s, Kalvåg was perhaps the biggest fishing village along the coast, and it had shops, a hospital, church, police station and school.Fishing has traditionally been the main livelihood in Kalvåg, but, nowadays, the whole village is like a large, living hotel.

Many of the old quayside warehouses have been restored and are now used as accommodation, while around the small harbour there are fishermen-style rorbu, rooms or apartments for let, and the restaurant, pub, dancefloor and conference rooms that make up the Knutholmen complex.

As a result of its location, Kalvåg is exposed to the elements. You can experience this at close hand from the storm observation cabin called Dosabu. It is situated on the furthermost point on the island of Frøya, from where you can enjoy panoramic views of the ocean – without getting wet.

Grotlesanden beach is not far from Kalvåg. It is a gem of a beach out on the coast of Bremangerlandet. The beach is child-friendly and has good parking and toilet facilities. It is also the starting point for the popular mountain walk to Veten. From the summit, you can enjoy beautiful views of the beach and the ocean.

Vetvika bay was long a well-kept secret known only to a few people in Bremanger. Today, however, word of mouth is spreading fast about this secret beach with white sand, azure blue water andperpendicular cliffs. Getting to Vetvika bay involves a longish walk, which means that you might have the beach all to yourself. If you do make the trip, why not spend the night there and watch the sun setting over the ocean.

In addition to marine activities such as scuba diving, fishing and boat trips, the landscape around Kalvåg is ideal for walking. There are several paths around the fishing village, and you can choose between half-hour walks or walks through the coastal landscape lasting several hours.

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