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Stegastein Viewpoint is a wooden platform, made of of glulam, which juts 30 meters out from the mountainside by the Scenic Route Aurlandsfjellet

The service building has been placed slightly over the edge of the cliff to allow visitors to enjoy the majestic view, while ensuring privacy to those inside.

The road up to Stegastein is open all year, but during winter the road is closed just above Stegastein.

Driving to Stegastein

The driving distance from Flåm to Stegastein is 18 kilometers and from Aurland eight kilometers. The last part of the road, between Aurland and Stegastein is steep and narrow, with a total of seven hairpin turns.

Remember that the road between Aurland and Stegastein is narrow and winding and in many places there is room for only one vehicle in the width, so you must drive carefully and be prepared to stop and reverse to the nearest meeting place. The Aurlandsfjellet National Tourist Route has restrictions on the length of vehicles.

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