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Discover its narrow fjords, lush, gentle valleys, blue glaciers, magnificent mountains and wild mountain formations. There are lots of activities for people of all ages all year round. It is not far from Strandafjellet mountain, Hellesylt and just a ferry trip away from the Geirangerfjord. There’s something for every taste, whether you enjoy skiing, getting around on a bike, doing water sports or setting off on a mountain hike. Have fun on the beach or enjoy a visit to one of the museums or petting farms in the area. Soak up the view of the mountain peaks, the Sunnmøre Alps and across the fjord. It's just as impressive in stormy weather as it is in sunshine and blue skies.

Sykkylven also has charming shops with many small specialist shops, restaurants and cafés where you can enjoy a great meal in a pleasant atmosphere beside the sea.


Sykkylven is known for the ancient finds made at Auremarka, a real treasure chest for history buffs.The findings at Auremarka document settlement dating back at least 4,000 years, and a longhouse has been found, which is a staggering 58 metres long, making it one of the longest in Norway.The culture association Aura-Påls Vener has reconstructed one of the Bronze Age houses that stood in the area around 3,000 years ago, and is well worth a visit.

Industry and facts about Sykkylven

Sykkylven is maybe best known as the furniture capital of Norway.A hundred or so furniture factories and sub-suppliers, transport firms and sellers emerged in the great period of entrepreneurship after World War II. Most of them disappeared when the golden age came to an end. Some survived, however, and grew out of their cellar premises and into the first simple factories. They would make Sykkylven the biggest furniture municipality in Norway. The biggest company is Ekornes, which makes the world-famous Stressless chair, which started production in 1971. Different models of the Stressless chair have been developed and sold over the years, all known for their unique comfort and quality.

Sykkylven is also a technology municipality where the industry focus is on automation and simplifying production processes. Today, there are 190 industrial robots in operation in Sykkylven. This represents around 16% of all the industrial robots in Norway. The industry works closely with the upper secondary school to ensure businesses can secure the expertise they need.

How to get to Sykkylven

Sykkylven is situated roughly one hour from Ålesund on the RV60. There are good bus connections to Sykkylven, on the road between Stranda and Ålesund.

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