Fjord cruises

Experience spring on a fjord cruise! Sit back and enjoy the sight of small villages and farms, and see the bright colours of the trees and vegetation reflected in the fjord.

© Robin Strand / Rødne Fjord Cruise

Fjord cruise from Stavanger to Lysefjord – experience the spectacular Preikestolen

Experience the world famous Preikestolen on a 3.5-hour comfortable fjord cruise from Stavanger. This is an absolute bucket list while visiting the charming city of Stavanger. On a spacious catamaran you can enjoy the stunning fjord landscapes, and from the fjord spot the majestic Preikestolen 604 meters above sea level. Fun fact: In Mission Impossible 6, Tom Cruise climbed the sheer mountain face of Preikestolen.

Relax, take in the beautiful fjord landscapes, get up close to scenic waterfalls and enjoy every moment!

Fjord cruise from Bergen – explore the breathtaking fjord landscapes

Join in on a journey through narrow fjords and beautiful scenery on this 3.5-hour fjord cruise from the heart of Bergen. The boat departs from downtown, where you’ll experience the magnificent city of Bergen – including the UNESCO-listed and famous Bryggen from a comfortable boat.

The fjord cruise takes you safely through powerful currents of the Mostraumen straits towards the lovely hamlet of Modalen. Get close to spectacular mountains, scenic waterfalls, birds and wildlife.