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We can help you to plan your trip to Fjord Norway! The ever-changing landscape has attracted guests from all over the world for centuries. Find facts and useful information, learn about the climate and get tips on how to get here and around.

The regions of Fjord Norway

Fjord Norway is not merely a place. It’s an experience. The sound of the blue glacier. That view that suddenly appears at a bend in the road. The smell of a waterfall. The silence of a beach in the morning. The evening sun reflected off the green fjord. A million moments. Your moments. Moments you won’t believe until you have experienced them. Each region in Fjord Norway offers a unique set of sights and attractions. From the Atlantic Road in the Northwest to Preikestolen in Ryfylke, let yourself be inspired and find out what you want to see the most (why not see it all?).

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In Fjord Norway, adventure is around every corner. Hiking or skiing with a fjord view, exciting guided glacier hikes, or relaxing fjord cruises and sightseeing trips where you get to see the best of Norwegian nature. Not sure were to start? Find inspiration here!


Did you know that the sounds, smells and sights of spring produce serotonin in the brain. It creates a unique kind of happiness. We call it SPRINGFULNESS.

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Do you want to experience deep fjords, high mountains, landscapes that take your breath away, culture and local food? You've come to the right place!

Find activities, places to stay, cultural experiences and restaurants to fill your holiday with the best of what Fjord Norway can offer.