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In the innermost part of the fjord, the glaciers sparkle between fertile valleys, and the scenery is simply breathtaking. The coastal culture here is very special, and the fishing communities have many stories to tell about bygone days. Out to the west, the Vestkapp plateau towers above the mighty Stadhavet sea. Central Nordfjord has a thriving cultural scene, and if you combine culture with local food, you will gain insight into our unique cultural heritage and learn how Nordfjord has become what it is today.

Nordfjord is the northernmost region in Vestland County, and the fjord of the same name extends 106 km inland from the Stadhavet sea to Stryn. The region comprises Stryn, Gloppen, Stad and Bremanger.

Nordfjord is a paradise for walkers, with several hundred waymarked trails in varied scenery. Join a glacier walk, ski at the legendary Stryn Summer Ski Centre or try one of the Alpine skiing centres that are open during winter.Take the five-minute ride on the Loen Skylift and admire the breathtaking view from Mount Hoven, 1,011 metres above sea level.

It’s not far to Stad, where you can try your hand at surfing or go walking in the unique coastal landscape. Nordfjord is perfect for scuba diving, swimming, boat trips, canoeing and kayaking. You can go mountain biking on Haugsvarden and enjoy fantastic views of Nordfjord or discover Nordfjord on horseback in the kingdom of the Fjord horse. Nordfjord is also great for fishing – in lakes, salmon rivers, the fjord and further out to sea.

Nordfjord Folk Museum is one of the places where you can experience our unique culture. Visit one of the biggest Viking ships in the world at Sagastad or take a trip to the famous island of Selja to see the monastery ruins. South of Hornelen sea cliff, you can travel 6,000 years back in time and visit Vingenfeltet, one of the biggest prehistoric rock carving sites in Northern Europe.

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