Welcome to Sunnhordland!

Fjords, mountains, the ocean, islands, glaciers, local food, history, a barony, festivals, Vikings, summit trips, cycling, kayaking – this is just a taster of what you can see and do in Sunnhordland.

In Sunnhordland, you can, for example, ski on everlasting snow, swim in the sea, and fish for trout in a river and saithe in the fjord – all in a single day! You can enjoy first-rate food and impressive nature and cultural experiences.

Or you can wind down from your busy life. You can recharge your batteries by soaking up beautiful views of the sea, or get your pulse going hiking to one of the many summits in the region.

Sunnhordland is also a paradise for boating enthusiasts and people who enjoy fishing. Several of the marinas in the region have topped the list of Norway’s best marinas. If you’re lucky, you might even find an island you can enjoy all to yourself.

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Do you want to experience deep fjords, high mountains, landscapes that take your breath away, culture and local food? You've come to the right place!

Find activities, places to stay, cultural experiences and restaurants to fill your holiday with the best of what Fjord Norway can offer.


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