The Stavanger region has a lot to offer - the city with spectacular street art, Stavanger art museum, some of the best restaurants in Norway, museums for all ages, Old Stavanger, Stavanger cathedral and the street of colours, Fargegaten. All this is in short distance to countless green islands at Finnøy and Rennesøy, including the absolute gem of an island in the middle of the ocean, Kvitsøy.

If you move further towards the south, and into the fjords, you’ll find Sandnes, with one of Norway’s most famous natural icons, the Kjerag boulder. The contrasts are large when moving further south along the Jæren beaches and Norwegian Scenic Route Jæren, with the ever-changing light that has inspired artists since the dawn of time, mountains, waterfalls and fjords in majestic harmony and lunar landscape in Magma UNESCO Global Geopark, and last, but not least, a winter wonderland in Sirdal. You will not be disappointed.

The Stavanger region has it all!

The event region Stavanger

There are always festivals and events to attend in the Stavanger region. Don't miss out on what's on and plan ahead. We hereby give you the highlights.

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What to do in the Stavanger region

Don't miss out on our top recommendations on things to do in the Stavanger region.

Top activities

On the edge, nerve-wrackingly high above the fjord. On top of the waves, with surf in your heart and saltwater in your hair. Splashes of snow while your heart is pumping at the bottom of the ski slope. Thoroughly sweaty and tired after the bike ride along the roaring North Sea. Cultural adventures on the edge - where land, ocean and sky meet. Norway's street art destination second to none - Stavanger. Lars Hertervig, Kitty Kielland and Frida Hansen or Antony Gormley's rusty men? Come experience for yourself in the Stavanger region.

Contrasts in the Stavanger region

Experience everything from long-stretched beaches to a winter wonderland in Sirdal. The beaches offer adrenaline-filled adventures such as surfing, kiting, swimming and hiking. If you are driving along the Norwegian Scenic Route Jæren, you will see all the variations in the typical farmland landscape. You can even stay the night at a lighthouse. Planning to come during winter? Sirdal is merely 1,5 hours away from Stavanger where you can stay in mountain lodges or at the ski resort with ski slopes close by.

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Do you want to experience deep fjords, high mountains, landscapes that take your breath away, culture and local food? You've come to the right place!

Find activities, places to stay, cultural experiences and restaurants to fill your holiday with the best of what Fjord Norway can offer.


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