Your holiday starts here, your day starts here! What do you feel like doing?

Do you want to push your limits? Or is it the day to take a break and relax? Maybe you want to explore something new, explore? Or simply just have fun, enjoy. Whatever it is, the possibilities are endless. Welcome to the Edge of Norway™.

Sola Strand Spa|© Sola Strand Hotel

If you don't quite know what you'd like, we can serve you a crazy combo.

We give you a package of different experiences, a combination of all the extremes - such as a relaxing spa stay, a concert in the city and a taste experience in the middle of nature. Pushing the edge by surfing the huge waves of the jæren beaches or walking the world's longest wooden staircase. Or an educational journey through Stavanger's oil adventure. After the day's activities, you fall asleep to the chirping of birds high above the ground.

This or another package? You decide!

Want to create your own Crazy Combo package? Use the travel planner and put together your favourites.