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The experiences on the edge of the beautiful Jæren coast in Hå municipality are like pearls on a string. Whether you come by car along the The North Sea Road, cycle the bike route Jærruta or hike along the historic trail Kongevegen, you can visit beautiful and interesting places. They will broaden your horizons as you let your gaze sweep over the endless horizon of the sea.

Exciting cultural history in a powerful nature

One of the biggest gems is Hå gamle prestegard, a unique art and culture centre that conveys exciting local history and world-class modern art. The vicarage has an art shop and café with the sea as its nearest neighbour. We also recommend a trip to the lighthouses at Obrestad and Kvassheim. Here you can stay in the lighthouse houses all year round and experience exciting lighthouse history. Varhaug Old Cemetery is also worth a stop. The small chapel with its mighty graveyard is famous for the band Kaizers Orchestra's music video and is a popular photo motif. So is the mighty row of Hitler's teeth along the road at Brusand. Hitler's teeth were part of a defence system built at Jæren under the auspices of Germany during World War II. Between and around all these landmarks you'll find miles of beautiful, sandy beaches, stone walls, rich cultural monuments and exciting harbours. The changing weather at Jæren means that you'll have a different experience every time. Here you can admire the fantastic Jæren light and enjoy the sight of the North Sea spray crashing over the land. Always remember to wear warm and windproof clothing when visiting Hå.

Dynamic agriculture

Hå municipality is Norway's largest livestock municipality and is recognised as an important area in Norway for food production. The municipality has a strong tradition as an industrial centre where much of the industry has traditionally been linked to agriculture. You can learn more about this at Vitengarden, one of Jærmuseet's main facilities, located at Nærbø. Here you'll find interactive exhibitions where you can experience and explore Jæren's agriculture, modern food production, energy, technology and nature. Vitengarden also has a café with homemade food, an exciting museum shop and often organises activity days. If you want to visit one of the finest and best-preserved farms in Rogaland, you can head to another of Jærmuseet's facilities in Hå: Grødalandstunet. This is a typical seafront farmhouse with a great view of the sea.

However, Hå municipality not only has a long tradition as an agricultural municipality, but it also facilitates the food production of the future. Here you'll find Norway's largest combined industrial area for food processing, with major players such as Tine, Nortura, Prima Jæren, Den Stolte Hane and Miljøgartneriet on the same site. Hå municipality also has several farm shops and cosy eateries that focus on local food.

If you love activities and outdoor life, Hå offers great hiking terrain from sea to moorland. The hike to the sculpture Mother Norway, or Steinkjerringa as she is known locally, is a great walk in the largest remaining heather moorland landscape at Jæren. The cosy Nærbøparken and the historic hike to Vedafjell are exciting hikes for the entire family. There are Frisbee golf courses at Nærbø and Varhaug and an exciting nine-hole golf course at Ogna. If you enjoy water, you can swim and surf in several places in the municipality. Try your luck fishing in the rivers Håelva or Ognaelva. At Ogna you'll also find Grønefed kulturtun with a concert stage and activity packages.


In Hå municipality, you can stay overnight in historic lighthouse keeper's houses and tree-top cabins. There are also several campsites and rental cabins in the municipality. Idyllic Sirevåg harbour offers hotel accommodation and motorhome parking. At the campsites Holmavatn and Ognatun you'll also find both hotel rooms and dormitories. The towns of Bryne and Egersund are also close by and offer a range of accommodation options.

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