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In the area around Synesvarden, you will see the remains of seven shepherd's huts and sheep pens. These were used at night as protection against predators, including wolves. Hundreds of metres of stone fences show the former boundaries. Three kilometres of hiking trails are marked here. In addition to the views, you may see hares, foxes, deer and a variety of bird and plant life. With a total of four car parks around the area, you have plenty of choices for family walks. The hiking trail follows a marked path.

Steinkjerringa at Synesvarden: An icon since 1927

Steinkjerringa, known as Mother Norway, has adorned Synesvarden with this much-loved sculpture since 1927. Young people from Nærbø towed her for two winters to the Synesvarden landscape conservation area, where she stands majestically today.

The hike from Holmavatn to Synesvarden

A scenic three-kilometre hike from Holmavatn misjonssenter takes about 1-1.5 hours each way. The trail runs through brown-coloured heather and bog terrain, clearly marked in blue.

Practical information about the hike to Steinkjerringa

Car park: Holmavatn. Follow county road RV44 to Varhaug, then national road FV504 to Ualand. Turn left and continue to Holmavatnet.

Hiking description to Steinkjerringa

Follow the carriage road to the south, then a good path marked in blue. Easy terrain with minimal hills. Choose to return the same way or follow the signposting to Synesvarden for a great round trip at Høg-Jæren. Steinkjerringa offers a safe lap to sit in and is a popular photo spot. Explore Jæren's beautiful landscape and enjoy the panoramic view from Synesvarden.

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  • Synesvarden
  • 4365 Nærbø
51 85 92 00


  • 10km
Level of difficulty:
  • Easy (green)
Total ascent:
  • 300m
  • Daytrip (4-12h)

Where is Mor Norge and Synesvarden?