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If you arrive via other cities in Norway such as e.g. Oslo, Kristiansand or Bergen, you can travel to Stavanger and Sandnes by bus, ferry and train (train is only possible from Oslo and Kristiansand). There are also good flight connections between the greatest cities. If you drive by car, it's also easy. When travelling from other countries, accessibility is also good - either by car, ferry, bus or plane.

By plane

Stavanger International Airport, Sola, has flights to and from around 70 destinations making it easy to go by plane to and from the region. Tickets and airlines are found at Avinor. At the airport, you can rent a car at Hertz to get around. Airport shuttles with Flybussen are available every 20 minutes between the airport and Stavanger.

By train

Regional trains from Oslo and Kristiansand to Stavanger are an economical and comfortable way of travelling, where you simultaneously enjoy fantastic natural landscapes such as forests, mountains and the open landscapes of Jæren. Find the train schedule and tickets at Go Ahead Nordic.

By car and ferry

E39 takes you efficiently to the region. If you arrive by car from other countries in Europe, you can go by car ferry from Denmark to Kristiansand, or by car ferry from Denmark to Risavika, near Stavanger. Colorline and Fjordline operate these ferry connections. From Strømstad in Sweden, you can go by ferry to Oslo and drive to Stavanger from there.

Are you arriving from Kristiansand or Oslo and you choose to go along the coast, you could drive the North Sea Route, where you get to experience the closeness to the North Sea as well as the striking Jæren landscapes, historical lighthouses, wide-stretched beaches and dunes. Norwegian Scenic Route Jæren and Norwegian Scenic Route Ryfylke are both important scenic roads leading into the region.

From the north, the region can be reached by car from Haugesund, Hardanger and Haukelifjell. From Stavanger, go to Ryfylke via a subsea tunnel to Solbakk. Additionally, there are speed boats into the Ryfylke islands or to the fjord villages. Find speed boats and schedules at Kolumbus.

By bus and coach

Bus routes such as Haukeliekspressen (Oslo-Haukeli-Haugesund), Sør-Vest Ekspressen (Kristiansand-Eigersund-Stavanger) and Kystbussen (Bergen – Haugesund – Stavanger) take you from the region from the north, south and east. Locally, there are buses in the entire region organised by Kolumbus and Boreal Transport.

Additionally, here is how you get to the big tourist attractions such as Preikestolen and Kjerag by bus during the main season:

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