Your very own mode of transport

Walking on your own two feet; hiking from one beach to another, starting walking in one place to see where you end up, hiking to a new summit every day, strolling in streets and alleys, running through a forest... The traffic is definitely not the same without the power of your own two feet. Hopefully, you get to use them as much as possible to experience small and significant moments every day - barefoot, with hiking shoes, sandals, sneakers or high heels. The world is as they say, at your feet, also in the Stavanger region.

Travelling by bike is ideal in the flat landscape of Jæren.

Explore new places from the bike seat

The area called Jæren is relatively flat, making it ideal for bike rides. Norway Bike Rental offers several long-distance bicycles. Paa Hjul offers bike rental for shorter rides, while Jærruta has e-bikes included in their package deals. Also possible to include in the packages are accommodation, food, guide and bikes. What is guaranteed regardless of package choice, is your encounter with the beautiful light, the landscape, the views of the North Sea and a number of memorable impressions.

Day trips by bike

Are you going on a day trip by bike, here are some useful examples of bike distances:

From Stavanger city centre

  • Swords in rock (Approx. 6 kilometres, 25 minutes)
  • Vistestranden beach, via lake Store Stokkavatnet and lake Hålandsvatnet (Approx. 13 kilometres, 45 minutes)
  • Solastranden beach (Approx. 18 kilometres, 1 hour)

From Clarion Hotel Air, Sola

From Egersund city centre

Rent an electric vehicle

Several rental companies offer electric cars or hybrid cars to their guests, i.e. Avis and Hertz. Search for electric cars and hybrids at Avis, or try Hertz's Green Collection. In addition, we offer providers such as Etours Ryfylke, who rent out the fun and popular Renault Twizy car that is 100 % electric!

Tired feet? Rent an EV!

Bus and train

Jærbanen rails start in Stavanger and proceed to Egersund, with several stops on the way along the coastline of Jæren. And if the train can't take you where you need to go, check the local bus schedules with Kolumbus' travel planner. Kolumbus is responsible for bus and speed boat transport in the county, additionally, the company works hard to ensure that trains, bicycles, walking and car sharing are connected with buses and boats - so that you can use a car as little as possible. Find information on city bikes or car-sharing services here.

Green fjord sightseeing

The world's fastest electric catamaran is the MS Rygerelektra. It is owned by the boat company Rødne Fjord Cruise and takes you to and from the Lysefjord.

International airport with consideration for the environment

As the first airport in Scandinavia, Stavanger International Airport, Sola, has its very own honey production, and they have had this since 2014. Beehives are placed along the runway, and thousands of bees take off and land here searching for nectar from flowers from the surrounding area. The honey is sold at the airport. Read more about the honey production and why the airport chooses to do this.

Honey production at the airport|© Avinor

Choose Norway all year, not simply in summer

An active all-year-round tourism industry contributes to the profitability and sustainable development of a destination. It could be just as spectacular to visit us in autumn, winter or spring. By choosing to travel in other months than peak season, you are actually contributing to the long-term viability and sustainability of activity providers, attractions, accommodation establishments and restaurants.

Travelling off-season helps diminish the pressure on the destination in the main season. Nature hikes you can do all year, however, we recommend you do it with a nature guide, especially when days are getting shorter and darker.

>>Take a look at how beautiful it can be also in the darker season! >> It's waterful!

Stay as long as you wish

When planning your trip, keep in mind that it makes more environmental sense to stay in one place for several days instead of staying in a new hotel every night. If you travel, try travelling in an eco-friendly mode. And once you've arrived here, feel free to stay long enough to experience many of the wonderful things that are nearby! You have plenty to choose from, that's for sure. Support the local business community, eat out and buy local products and souvenirs.

Brands such as Oleana produce in a sustainable way and emphasise using ecologically sound raw materials. Oleana wishes, among other things, to inspire a lifestyle where you buy fewer things, but of higher quality.

Some of our local favourites!

Contribute to the preservation of Norwegian nature

Know that the "right to roam" (Allemannsretten) is the very foundation for all opportunities for travel in nature in Norway. This right also includes the duty to preserve this valuable outdoor law. It is therefore important that you as a visitor are aware of these obligations and that you comply with them. You can read about duties and the "right to roam" act here.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that you should not disturb wildlife or leave garbage behind. You can also make an extra effort on the trip by picking up all the litter you see and throw in the nearest bin.

If you are really engaged, and have an interest in doing a bit extra, there are also cleaning actions you can take part in, such as the "Ryddeaksjon jærkysten", a great initiative by the Jæren Friluftsråd to keep our coastlines and beaches clean. Ryfylke Friluftsråd also regularly organises cleanup days, follow here for how you can participate.