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The largest bathing area in Eigersund municipality with more than 500 meters of sandy beaches and low dunes. There are two main family friendly beaches – Storesanden and Litlasanden. The coastline interchanges between sand, stones and small cliffs. Beach grass and wild rye bind the low sand dunes together, providing a protective front against powerful storm waves. The beach is an unstable and amazing landscape under perpetual change. After a big storm, one can find the beach full of pebbles, shells and seaweed, while another day it will be clean and smooth. Being the biggest beach in the Dalane coast, Skadbergsanden beach is frequently visited in summer as well as winter. Here you have all the possibilities to bathe, sun-bathe, look for crabs and shrimps, observe birds, kite and do other sports. 

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  • Skadberg
  • 4370 EGERSUND
51 46 80 00


Play area for children:

Where is Skadbergsanden?