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For generations, Figgjo has been concerned with producing the highest quality porcelain. Figgjo is the only remaining porcelain producer in the Nordic region. They still believe that producing their porcelain at Figgjo provides a better product. The factory buildings have been upgraded, the machinery is state-of-the-art. They have everything in place to make beautiful, functional, durable porcelain. And yet, what matters most are the people behind Figgjo. Here they have generations of expertise to draw from who can work closely with the craftsmen.

In the factory outlet, Figgjo sells a mixture of first and second sorting, as well as discontinued porcelain at reduced prices. You have to take into account small beauty defects, such as deviations in colour, less visible irregularities in decor or small irregularities in the goods. The errors in the second sorting shall not affect the use and quality.

Figgjo factory outlet is located in spacious premises so you get a pleasant trade with them. Remember that you can always shop from home in their online store and freely choose whether you want the goods sent home or whether you want to pick up the goods from them.

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  • Aaslandsbakken 1
  • 4332 Figgjo
94 00 10 43


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Where is Figgjo factory outlet?