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Sandnes is centrally located on Nord-Jæren, with a short distance to Stavanger International Airport, Sola and the ferry to Denmark. The Jærbanen train line passes through Sandnes and there are frequent train connections between Sandnes and Stavanger and several daily departures between Egersund and Sandnes. Additionally, you can travel by train between Oslo and Sandnes.


Sandnes is known for one of Norway's longest pedestrian streets, Langgata - the town's main shopping street. It has several niche shops along with cosy cafes and restaurants, making it perfect for a shopping day out.

Sandnes and surroundings

Sandnes was previously known mostly for its masonry and pottery industries, while the production of textile products and bicycles made the town famous from the end of the 19th century. Sandnes is home to the Figgjo porcelain factory, which manufactures all of its products locally, and Sandnes Garn, producing knitting yarns at its factory at Foss Eikeland. Agriculture is furthermore an important industry in Sandnes with various livestock productions. The municipality also has a number of oil-related industries. Sandnes offers a creative milieu and several well-known Norwegian brands, such as DBS bicycles and Polaris. Brands such as the Norwegian pizza chain Dolly Dimple pizza, the clothing brand Cubus and the retail chain Europris? All are brands that originated in Sandnes.

The outdoors

There are many opportunities for outdoor activities in Sandnes and several kilometres of hiking trails are marked in 16 hiking areas near the centre. In addition, there are miles of hiking trails on both sides of the Lysefjord, which is also part of Sandnes. The lake area Lutsi-Imsvassdraget stretches for about 10 kilometres and is an Eldorado for kayakers and canoeists with many possibilities for camping along the shore.

Rogaland Arboretum - a 700 hectares arboretum, and the largest in Norway! It shows about 1,400 different plant species. 15 kilometres of hiking trails go through this area, a beautiful hiking location all year round. The arboretum is always open and there is plenty of parking.

Event city

Sandnes is otherwise known for organising great events. The popular roller ski festival Blink is one of the most famous events held in Sandnes every year.

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