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Kjerag. Photo: Lysefjorden Adventure

Sandnes is deep fjords and mountains, beaches and quiet fishing lakes. Sandnes is the Lysefjord, Kjerag, Flørli, Preikestolen and the family park Kongeparken, but also a city park, canoeing, bike tours, climbing and an exciting science factory. The town of Sandnes is further popular for shopping.

Sandnes equals nature, nature, nature

10 minutes from the city of Sandnes is Gramstad, a dream spot for nature-loving families. Rent a lean-to shelter or a room at the Gramstadtunet, hike to the Revholstjørn pond. Paddle on the water, light up the bonfire. Buckle up your hammocks in the Eventyrskogen forest. Just a little bit scary! If your kids are up for it, the two-hour hike to Dalsnuten comes highly recommended. Fabulous views of the entire region from the top!


Smiles are on the house

The city of Sandnes is full of family fun - with little distance between the highlights. Whether you arrive by car, campervan, bus, train or by leisure boat, you suddenly find yourself in the heart of the action. The brand new park, Rutenparken, tempts with a skatepark, and just next to it is the most traditional shopping street in Norway, Langgata. Should your blood sugar get too low from all the shopping, there are "rescue" stations on every corner. Food trucks, cafes and restaurants await you. And the very special "Sandnes warranty" applies: Smiles are on the house.

Sandnes city centre

Busy bees in the city

At the Science centre, Vitenfabrikken, meet a queen bee or visit the planetarium where you explore the universe - an infinity of stars and planets. Visit interactive exhibitions and join in on fun activities. Play, compete and experiment. A short stroll away is the park, Sandvedparken, and the Planet path, Planetstien, where 1 meter corresponds to 1 million kilometres in space.

The Lysefjord from start to finish

From Forsand to the end of the fjord, at Lysebotn, the fjord counts 42 dramatic kilometres. On one side of the fjord is the world-famous Preikestolen, and on the other side is the majestic Kjerag boulder. Stay the night at a farm at Gøysa Gard. Experience the small-community charm at Songesand. Go on a bike ride in the midst of fjords and mountains, waterfalls and lakes. Go on an hour-boat ride to the end of the fjord, Lysebotn. Campsite, cabins or a hostel can accommodate you for the night. Try your fishing luck, go for walks, rent a kayak or a bike. Are you super fit? There are no less than 27 hairpin turns to test you on your way to Ørneredet (the Eagle's Nest), the starting point of the hike to the famous Kjerag boulder.

The majestic Kjerag boulder

The iconic boulder Kjerag wedged in between a crevasse in the mountain is world-known. Taking the leap out onto the boulder is not for everyone, and especially not for kids or the faint-hearted. However, for a family who is used to being in nature and those used to difficult hikes, the hike to Kjerag is a great experience. The views of the Lysefjord are spectacular from the 1,084 metre-tall mountain. The hike starts at Øygardstøl, also called Ørneredet (the Eagle's Nest), around 2,5 hours by car from Sandnes. The demanding hike takes around 5-6 hours. Don't forget to dress according to the weather, and bring warm clothing. If you are not used to hiking in the mountains it is strongly recommended to book a nature guide for your own safety.

Hikes for everyone

Look at this magnificent hike at the Lifjell mountain! This hike is rather strenuous, however, Sandnes offers hikes for all levels of hikers. From the kid-friendly walks for families with toddlers to the tougher and longer expeditions for the slightly elder children. The landscape changes from mountains and forests, to summits and grass-covered hills. Waterfalls, lakes and a coastline - this is also Sandnes. First to the top!

Learn more about the hike to the Lifjell mountain

Tree climbing at Melshei

Get ready for fun in the trees at the climbing park, Skogsprett Klatrepark. Feel those butterflies in your stomach when dangling up to 13 metres above the ground. Skogsprett Klatrepark is located in the recreational area of Melshei, just under 30 minutes by bike from the centre of Sandnes. You could also follow the path to the Rogaland Arboretum, where you can experience a collection of 1,500 trees from all over the world: Mum, look at that strange-looking shrub, over there!


The stunning Lysefjord and 4444 Flørli

The Lysefjord is a mesmerising fjord, and also home to an attraction worth seeing on a visit, namely, the attraction 4444 Flørli. Starting in May, Rødne Fjord Cruise offers tours to Flørli, the rest of the year you need to go by ferry from Lauvvik to Flørli and Lysebotn. The attraction Flørli can be seen on the last stop before Lysebotn. Flørli is a challenge, as it requires you to walk the world's longest wooden staircase of 4,444 steps. The steps are a bit scary for the smallest kids, and you should be an experienced hiker to attempt the stairs. It is not recommended to go during winter. Season: May - October.

Adrenaline rush at Kongeparken

Kongeparken is located in natural surroundings only 10 minutes from Sandnes by car. Explore and enjoy more than 60 adventures and activities! Don't miss the magical chocolate factory, or the chance to meet the hero of tractors, the Little Grey Fergie in Gråtassland (the land of the Little Grey Fergie). Or how about Norway's tallest drop tower where you plunge at 125 kilometres an hour? Prepare for some real jitters! The main season starts in May.

Horse-crazy, anyone?

Are you a horse-loving family? In that case, we have the perfect suggestion; Tryggvi Islandshestgård (Icelandic horse farm), merely 10 minutes from Sandnes centre with riding lessons for all ages and levels. Horses Eldingur and Nattfari patiently await you at the stables along with the other four-legged friends. Guided riding tours, riding school and intensive riding lessons are some of the offers. Can you hear the happy neigh?

Fishing, paddling, camping

Imagine the splash from the ores hitting the water or the feeling of the jerking from the fishing rod when the fish bites. In terms of water-related activities for the entire family, Sandnes has a lot to offer. Visit Alsvik nature centre, and do it by bike if you like, around 40 minutes from the centre. Rent a bike or a canoe at Frilager or Kronen Gaard Hotell. Remember the fishing rod. The Tengesdalsvatnet lake is ideal for family camping, some 25 minute-drive from Sandnes. It has a lovely shoreline and is a perfect starting point for hikes. In the evening, enjoy the atmosphere around the bonfire.

Fishing and camping

Vinterland i Sandnes|© Marie von Krogh/ Ut i Sandnes

Winterland in Sandnes

The event "Vinterland i Sandnes" (Winterland in Sandnes) is new from the year 2021 and will be an annual addition to the city park Rutenparken. There is a lot of fun for all ages, and before Christmas, there are several stalls where you can find something to put under the tree for your loved ones. A Ferris wheel, carousel and ice rink are just some of the great activities available.