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Kjerag is located on the south side of the Lysefjord. The hike starts from Kjerag car park, just a short drive, up 27 hairpin bends, from the small village of Lysebotn, at the innermost of the Lysefjord.

The massif has long been admired from the fjord, but the hike to the iconic Kjeragbolten, a round boulder wedged in a crevice at 1000 masl, has become increasingly popular in recent years.

Kjerag is also a popular destination for rock climbers and base jumpers.

How long is the hike to Kjerag?

The hike to Kjerag (1000 masl) is about 11 kilometres long in total and you should expect to spend around 6 hours round trip.

The time spent depends a lot on the weather and conditions, and whether you are used to hiking in mountainous terrain.

It's a demanding hike with a total elevation gain of about 760 metres, so you need to be in good physical shape to do the hike.

How to get to Kjerag?

To get to Kjerag, you can take the express boat or tourist ferry to Lysebotn and shuttle bus to the Kjerag car park (fee) at Øygardstølen.

We recommend booking tickets in advance, especially in high season.

NB! There will be new timetables in 2024. We will return with new information as soon as it is ready.

You can also drive to the car park from Sirdal. Rv 500 between Sirdal and Lysebotn closes when the first snowfall comes, usually in Oct/Nov, and usually opens in mid-May.

In summer, you can take an express bus from Stavanger to Kjerag car park.

When is the season for Kjerag?

The season for the Kjerag hike is from May to October inclusive. It is not recommended to do the hike in winter.

Outside the season, it is recommended to go with experienced guides. The professional guides from Explore Lysefjorden are trained to navigate safely through rapidly changing weather conditions and carry all necessary safety equipment.

Furthermore, the guide company organizes transportation, which can be a challenge during the off-season.

Tour description

The hike to Kjerag starts from the car park (fee) at Øygardstølen. There is a service building with toilets and a tourist information here.

Follow the T-marked path from the car park. The hike starts with a steep climb over the first mountain ridge.

From here, it's downhill to Litle Storedal, where you have to climb a steep slope again. From the outlet of Storedalen, you follow a steep ridge up onto the Kjerag massif itself, all the while enjoying aerial views of the Lysefjord.

The hike takes you through a barren landscape with lots of rocks and sheer cliffs. The terrain is difficult and demanding and the hike is long, but once you reach the cairn on Nesatind you'll be rewarded for your efforts. Here you have a panoramic view of the Lysefjord!

Kjeragbolten is located about 300 metres south of the cairn. Stavanger Turistforening has built a cairn with signposts on the plateau to help hikers find their way. Even if you don't venture out to Kjeragbolten, it's well worth a visit.

Return to Øygardstølen the same way.

There are several hundred metres of chain on the steepest parts. It can be scary to walk down these sections, so allow extra time if you are afraid of heights. The chains along the trail are removed when the road is closed and reinstalled shortly after the road is opened.

Important info for the hike

  • It is recommended to wear hiking boots.
  • Bring warm clothes.
  • Remember food and drink. You can refill your water bottle at Storedalen.
  • Do not start your hike if there is a risk of it getting dark before you return.
  • Always bring the right equipment and make safe choices in the mountains if you choose to hike in the afternoon or in spring/autumn.
  • Avoid large crowds and congestion by travelling during off-peak hours. Most visitors come on weekends in mid-summer.
  • If there is snow in the mountains, it is recommended to use a guide. Do not hike on your own!
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Other tour suggestions

  • From Kjerag you can alternatively follow the T-marked route to Langavatn tourist cabin. From there there are routes to Flørli, Frafjord and Hunnedalen.
  • Lysefjorden Rundt, which is one of the Norway's most spectacular long-distance hikes, recommended by the Norwegian Trekking Association.
  • Jenafjell is a full-fledged summit hike through an exciting and varied landscape where you are rewarded with fantastic views of the Lysefjord. Start in Lysebotn, just below Auklend farm.
  • Middagskjerringa is a trail through a high mountain landscape high above the Lysefjord that is little known and little used, but leads you to a rare vantage point. The trail starts from Lysevegen.

Experience Kjerag from the fjord

Kjerag is also impressive from the fjord. You can glimpse Kjeragbolten, 1000 metres above you, from a ferry or sightseeing boat. If you're lucky, you might see base jumpers in the summer.

National scenic hike

Kjerag is labelled as a National scenic hike. National scenic hikes are a selection of trails and hiking destinations that, through long-term and integrated planning, can withstand very high visitor numbers without impairing the quality of nature, culture and experiences, and where the high visitor numbers will also contribute to local value creation.

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  • Lysebotn
  • 4110 FORSAND
982 19 975


Level of difficulty:
  • Challenging (red)
Total ascent:
  • 750m
  • 11km
  • Spring
  • Autumn
  • Summer
  • Path
  • Mountain area
  • Forest area

Where is Hike to Kjerag in the Lysefjord?