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The marked trail starts at the road between Lysebotn and Sirdal (Fv500). The starting point is indicated by a small hiking sign, which might be difficult to spot (see picture). At the sign, there is only a very narrow roadside, but there is a bit more space at the recently expanded roadside 400m further east, near Venakvævtjørna.

The hike takes you through gently undulating high mountain landscapes. The trail is marked with small stone cairns, some of which are red-marked. After about half an hour of walking, you will catch a glimpse of Lysedalen approximately 700m below, and shortly after, the unmistakable Middagskjerringa comes into view. Be extremely cautious during the final descent and don't go farther than what is safely manageable. The view down through Middagsjuvet to Lyse is truly something special! The name Middagsjuvet and Middagskjerringå originate from the approximately 30-meter-high stone pillar standing in the middle of the gorge. When the sun was directly above the pillar, it was 12 o'clock, and it was lunchtime at the farms in Lyse.

The return hike follows the same path from Middagskjerringa and takes about 1 hour round trip. The kilometer calculation applies to one way.

The surrounding mountain area offers more fantastic high mountain scenery and glaciated rock surfaces, as well as views down towards Lyse and into the Sirdalsfjella mountains. Remember to orient yourself and make wise route choices if you explore the area beyond the marked trail.




Level of difficulty:
  • Medium (blue)
  • 3.1km
Total ascent:
  • 207m
  • Mountain area
  • Path
  • Summer
  • Spring
  • Autumn

Where is Middagskjerringa in Lysebotn?