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Lysefjorden Rundt is one of the country's most spectacular SignaTURes. World-renowned landmarks such as Preikestolen, Kjerag, and Flørli are all located along the route in Ryfylke.

The trail covers over 100 kilometers and is divided into 8 stages. The 42-kilometer-long Lysefjorden offers a wide range of well-known and lesser-known mountain formations and viewpoints.

The path takes you from fjords to mountains multiple times, passing by old mountain farms, abandoned hydroelectric towns, mountain lakes, ravines, and cliffs. You will traverse smooth-sculpted bedrock and lush forests. In addition to the stunning nature, you can discover many cultural and historical treasures.

Lysefjorden Rundt is signposted and marked in collaboration with Stavanger Turistforening and local landowners. The terrain and trail can be challenging at times.

Remember, you don't have to complete the entire Lysefjorden Rundt in one go! Feel free to collect different stages and come back multiple times. Along the way, you can stay overnight in various types of cabins and tourist accommodations.

The following is the recommended route, but you can also hike in the opposite direction:

Stage 1: Vinddalen – Skåpet Easy – 3.5 km There is no public transport to Vinddalen, so you have to arrange your own transportation. The first part of the hike follows a well-marked trail winding through trees and stones into the pine forest. It continues on a partially paved path, crossing marshes and sparse birch forests until reaching Skåpet. The design cabins operated by the Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT) serve as the gateway to the trail network in the Frafjord Mountains on the south side of Lysefjorden.

Stage 2: Skåpet – Flørli Challenging – 10 km Follow the historic "Svenskaveien" through rocky terrain and a wild valley. This stage offers diverse nature, taking you from the high mountains back to the treeline and all the way down to Lysefjorden and the idyllic hydroelectric village of Flørli.

Stage 3: Flørli – Langavatn Very challenging – 17 km The hike starts with a brisk climb of 4,444 steps from Flørli to Ternevatnet, about 2 km from the fjord to the summit. According to CNN, the staircase is among the most terrifying in the world. Take it easy, turn around, and enjoy the view of Lysefjorden and Flørli frequently! You will continue on steep smooth rocks and undulating high mountain terrain, passing through small mountain birch forests, along idyllic lakes, and through impressive moraine landscapes. Be prepared for significant elevation changes.

Stage 4: Langavatn – Kjerag – Lysebotn Challenging – 13 km From Langavatn, the hike initially crosses smooth-sculpted bedrock before reaching the edge of Frafjordheiane, offering extensive views in all directions. One of the highlights along this stage is Kjeragbolten, a boulder wedged between two cliffs at an altitude of 984 meters. Standing on the boulder itself provides a thrilling adrenaline rush. The route continues on flat, smooth-sculpted bedrock along the edge of Lysefjorden. Then, it goes up and down two ridges before descending to Øygardstølen. From here, you can hike or take a bus or taxi to the charming village of Lysebotn, where you can enjoy a three-course meal, take a refreshing shower, and sleep in a comfortable bed.

Stage 5: Lysebotn – Songedalen Fjellgard Challenging – 24 km From Lysebotn, a spectacular construction road leads up to Fyljesdalen, offering views of Lysedalen, the Kjerag massif, and Fyljesdalen, where an English glider crashed during Operation Freshman in 1942. The trail continues through Songedalen on an easy gravel path. At the unique Songedalen Fjellgard, you can experience Lysefjorden's coolest outdoor toilet, a genuine throne!

Stage 6: Songedalen Fjellgard – Bakken Gård Moderate – 10 km This stage follows historical roads past charming farms along the shores of Lysefjorden. Follow the Dalaåna River from the mountains all the way to the fjord at Songesand. Eventually, the river flows through a spectacular canyon-like valley. If coming from the east, you'll have a view of the fjord, Neverdalsfjellet, and Preikestolen in the distance throughout the day. From Songesand, the trail traverses the coastal rocks, crosses a challenging rocky landscape, and ascends a steep slope to Bakken. End your day with homemade pizza from the wood-fired pizza oven at the newly renovated Bakken Gard. The tourist cabin used to be the home of the legendary Pilt-Ola, a hiking legend of Lysefjorden.

Stage 7: Bakken Gård – Preikestolen BaseCamp Challenging – 16 km This demanding stage, with some scrambling sections, features several highlights. From "Hoppet," you can see the entire Lysefjorden. The trail passes the spectacular Hengjanenibbå and the legendary Hengjanegården.

Stage 8: Preikestolen BaseCamp – Høllesliheia Challenging – 10 km This stage will take your breath away! After the beautiful Revsvatnet and a passage through dense forest, you reach Lysefjorden. The hike closely follows the fjord for 75% of the time, passing several hundred meters above the sea, along various cliffs and ravines, including Skjerajuvet and Fantahålå, and through magnificent nature with countless panoramic viewpoints. Don't miss the cool "Fantapytten" – Lysefjorden's eternal pool, located approximately midway between Preikestolen BaseCamp and Høllesliheia.

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  • Vinddalen
  • 4110 FORSAND


Level of difficulty:
  • Challenging (red)
  • 100km
  • Autumn
  • Summer
  • Spring
  • Mountain area
  • Forest area
  • Path

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