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The cruise departs Stavanger in the morning and, after brief stops for boarding at Lauvvik and Forsand piers, continues on into the Lysefjord. You sail through beautiful fjord landscapes past the majestic Preikestolen and arrive at the former power plant village Flørli early in the morning.

Flørli is an idyllic, roadless resort that offers beautiful scenery, unique outdoor experiences, exciting history of hydroelectric power and a cosy café. Flørli is best known for having the world’s longest wooden staircase, with 4,444 steps in all. The top of the stairs is 750 metres above sea level. The climb is really worth the effort since the fantastic views from the top include the beautiful Lysefjord and the mountains surrounding Preikestolen!

Rødne Fjord Cruise offers modern, comfortable boats with sundecks, spacious cabins and kiosks offering refreshments, including beer and wine.

Every Saturday and Sunday from May to September.


NOK 680


  • Strandkaien (Vågen)
  • 4005
51 89 52 70

Where is Day trip to the Flørli stairs?