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Explore Norway's fjords with Rødne: Over 60 years of unique experience

Headquartered in Sjernarøy in Rogaland, Rødne has been a pioneering force in the fjords for over 60 years. As the country's largest family-owned speedboat company, Rødne has become a key player with 120 dedicated employees and an impressive fleet of 14 boats. Explore their exciting history and forward-thinking vision below.

Three core pillars of Rødne's success

The company is divided into three dynamic business areas, each with its unique character:

Rødne Trafikk and Rødne Ambulanse

From the island communities along the west coast of Norway, Rødne Trafikk and Rødne Ambulanse provide not only scheduled transport but also life-saving ambulance services. They link the communities together and provide safe transport for residents and visitors.

Rødne Fjord Cruise

Do you want to experience majestic fjords at their best? Rødne Fjord Cruise takes you on unforgettable journeys from Stavanger, Bergen and Tromsø. Whether you're a local, tourist or business traveller, they invite you to join them on a true Norwegian adventure.

Rødne also owns the exclusive function room Lysefjord-Helleren, where nature meets elegance. This unique venue allows guests to enjoy the beauty of nature in the heart of the Lysefjord.

Vision: The best fjord experience

Rødne's vision is clear - to give guests the best possible fjord experience. We are committed to creating memories that last a lifetime and sharing our love of Norway's stunning landscape with the world.


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