This is a hike where you can go from wading on the shore in idyllic Bjorhamn to following cairns on ice-polished mountain tops 297 m a.s.l. The first and last part of the hike goes through high-rise birch forests, and in the hills along the Gandsfjord, you may hear rich bird songs in the mixed woodlands here. For those of you who prefer a shorter alternative, there is a marked shorter path from Øksendalen (valley) to Revsdalen (valley). Signs will show where to exit from the track. Wear good and sturdy hiking shoes, the terrain varies between soft forest paths, wet paths and rocky mountain tracks. 

The hike

Hike northbound towards the residential area at Dale to a football field, and follow the forest road towards Dalsvågen. A path guides you further north along the Gandsfjord, partly uphill, partly along the shoreline. At Bymarken, turn towards the Lifjell mountain. Stay on the same height level before the track turns south and takes a turn down towards Øksendalen (valley). Further through a mountain cleft north of the Flatafjell mountain and down to Dalevatnet (lake). Then turn right along a path through the forest and arrive at the football field at Dale.

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  • Lifjell
  • 4311 HOMMERSÅK
51 85 92 00


Level of difficulty:
  • Medium (blue)
  • 7.9km
  • Daytrip (4-12h)
Total ascent:
  • 461m
  • Autumn
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Winter
  • Forest area
  • Mountain area
  • Path

Where is Lifjell from Dale?