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From needles to knifes

A good starting point for the trip is the town Sandnes. From Sandnes you first drive to Sandnes Garn which is located between Ganddal and Kverneland on Foss Eikeland. Here is a factory outlet with a great selection of yarns for hand knitting. They also have knitting needles, buttons and sewing accessories. Here you can make a good bargain on 2nd grade yarn, leftover yarn and you can buy ready-knitted models. Wool underwear from Janus, cardigans, sweaters from Norlender and seal mittens from Selbu Husflid can also be found here.

Should you be in the mood for shopping kitchen items as well, you are definetely in the right place: Sandnes Garn has a separate kitchen department with products from Rosendahl, Hardangerbestikk, Høyang Polaris, Iittala, Rørstrand and Arabia. They have crockery from East India, Origo and Teema, as well as Mumi crockery and cutlery. They also have a lot of other exciting things for the kitchen, including kitchen utensils from Joseph Joseph and Lékué, so here there is something for everyone.

Factory outlet, café and porcelain history

Then the trip continues to Figgjo factory outlet. Here you will find Figgjo classics, but also designs you have never seen before, made especially for Figgjo's small shop. You can also make a very good bargain on 2nd grade items.

There is a small cafe here that is open every day. Figgjo also has a small museum where you can dive into the history of porcelain.

Norway's new brand city

Continue to the Norwegian Outlet in Ålgård. Here you will find 100% branded goods with 30-70% discount. Always. There's fashion, outdoor clothing, shoes, children's clothing and even kitchen utensils and books. The stores offer an exciting mix of current season products, next year's samples, their own outlet products and last season's products. There's a large parking lot here with free parking. Before you start, you might want to join the VIP Club, which offers several benefits, including access to even better bargains, exclusive offers and discounts. As a VIP member, you'll get the best deals first, you’ll receive invitations to exclusive events and customer nights, and you'll get other benefits from Norwegian Outlet and its partners.

Where the sheep are doing well, the wool is the best

You haven't had enough of yarn and knitwear, have you? Spinneriet - the "yarn heaven" in Oltedal offers knitting pleasure for everyone! In 1937 the company started in Oltedal. The people here knew only too well how wool could be spun into yarn, plus there was almost inexhaustible hydropower. The sheep here were doing well and their wool was the very best.

Today, you'll find a huge selection of yarns here from brands like Gjestal Yarn, Dale Yarn, DuStoreAlpakka, Lana Grossa, GullungenYarn and Camilla Pihl Gjestal, to name a few. In fact, there is no other place in Norway with such a wide selection of quality yarns under one roof. In addition, there are ready-to-knit and gift items, knitting instructions, books, needles, buttons, souvenirs, jewellery and small gift and home decor items. The staff at Spinneriet are knitting wizards without equal and will be happy to help you with any knitting questions you may have.

Without food, drink and sleep, the shopping gene will not do

It can be nice with an overnight stay and some experiences before you drive on - we recommend Byrkjedalstunet. It is about a 20 minute drive from the Spinneriet. The hotel also has a great gift shop with its own candlelight production plus a nice restaurant and an own bakery.

Not far from here you can experience the huge scree Gloppedalsura. Follow the signs and the road behind Byrkjedalstunet. More than 10,000 years ago, the glaciers melted after the last ice age and a large end moraine dammed the former branches of the Hunnedalselva river towards Veen and Vikeså for a while, while a lake formed in the Byrkjedalsgryta depression. The terraces in Byrkjedal 240 metres above sea level still bear witness to this moraine-dammed lake today. Frost blasts caused a huge landslide in which vast quantities of blocks and stones broke out of the mountainside and came to rest on the terminal moraine.

Explore Byrkjedalstunet and its surroundings