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Brusand is home to one of the most pronounced and distinct geological landscape divides in the country. The station village is located in the transition from the flat Jæren to the rocky landscape of Dalane.

Brusand has a seven-kilometre-long sandy beach with white sand, clear water and sheltered dunes. Here you can swim, kite and surf. Behind the dunes, you'll find a low-lying wetland and the coastal lagoon Vaulen. This is a popular place for birdwatching. Brusand is also known for the historical memorial Hitler's Teeth. These are a series of concrete blocks that were built by the Germans during the Second World War. Hitler's Teeth were intended to prevent Allied landings and were part of the Atlantic Wall. You can see the Hitler Teeth from County Road 44, from the top of the dunes or walk closer to take photos.

The village of Brusand is located on a narrow strip between Bjåvatnet Lake and the sea. Here you'll find a small grocery store and a railway station. The flat fields around the village grow carrots and other high-quality vegetables that are among the earliest in the country. Jæren is known for good food and good produce, and in Brusand you'll find great flavours at Jærgarden Kvalbein. This is a charming eatery in an old barn from the 1700s, known for serving good, traditional Sunday dinners.

Explore art, nature and history

The area around Brusand has something for everyone, whether you're interested in art, outdoor life or history. Along county road 44, you can't help but notice a red wooden house with large white letters that say KERAMIKK. This is the home of ceramist Odd Sama. He makes colourful cups and other unique treasures that you can buy to take home with you.

At Ogna Camping you'll find the Varden Sea Rescue Museum, a small museum about the coastal rescue service. If you want to experience coastal culture and nature, head to Friluftsfyret Kvassheim. Here you can spend the night in a cosy assistant's house with a view of the sea, or simply visit the lighthouse, which is open to the public. At Friluftsfyret you can see exciting exhibitions about the history of rescue along the Jæren beaches, the rich birdlife of the wetlands and the harmful effects of plastic on the sea. You can also enjoy a cup of coffee and a snack in the café in the engine house, or go for a walk along the sea. In the area around the lighthouse, there are many burial mounds from the Iron Age that bear witness to a long history. The open-air lighthouse is part of the Norwegian Scenic Route Jæren and the Wetland Jæren Visitor Centre and offers many activities and events for young and old throughout the year.

At Ogna, a few kilometres south of Brusand, you can play golf on a sheltered nine-hole golf course, fish in the river Ognaelva or swim and enjoy the beach life at Ogna beach. At Ogna you'll also find Grønefed kulturtun with a concert stage and activity packages for the whole family.

Accommodation options

If you like to stay overnight at Brusand, you can choose from several options. You'll find Brusand Camping and Ogna Camping at opposite ends of Brusanden. Further south in the municipality, you'll find idyllic Sirevåg with hotel accommodation and motorhome parking. Do you dream of waking up in a unique place? Check out Trekronå at Ogna. The towns of Bryne and Egersund are also not far away and offer a range of accommodation options.

Explore the Edge of Norway on two wheels

The Jærruta bike ride is a refreshing and contrasting adventure. Speed off on an electric bike with good friends along the captivating beaches of Jæren in enchanted light with thrilling experiences on all sides.

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