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Ognasanden beach is located in the far south of Jæren, between Brusand and Ogna. Enjoy the sight of the waves crashing against soft sand and warm rocks on fine summer days. The train stops close to the beach, and the Nordsjøvegen tourist route runs right through the centre of Ogna. From the train station at Ogna or the Tanginen car park, it's about 1 kilometre to walk southwards on Ognavegen towards the river Ognaelva to find the best route down to Ognasanden beach. You'll also find a campsite with a kiosk at Ogna. If you are looking for Ogna camping, it's closer to the beaches of Holmasanden or Brusanden.

Visit the paintings by the Jæren painters

Ogna has been home to several famous artists, and the distinctive landscape has inspired famous painters such as Nikolai Ulfsten and Kitty Kielland. The transition from the almost endless expanses of cultivated land and stone at Jæren to the ragged and gnarled rocky outcrops in Dalane is visible in this area. Take a walk along the coastal path towards Sirevåg in the south or Brusand in the north. Enjoy the sight of the changing light, the sound of seagulls crying, and waves crashing. Read more: Experience Jæren the same way the Jæren painters came to know the region.

Responsible tourism at the beaches at Jæren

  • It is forbidden to drive motorised vehicles
  • In the bird protection areas, you cannot exercise activities of disturbing effect; surfing, board sailing, kiting and dog walking.
  • It is prohibited to surf/board sailing/kiting in the bird-protected areas from 1 October to 31 March
  • Horseback riding, bike riding, camping and tenting in the dunes are prohibited
  • You must not walk on farmland during the growing season
  • Respect people's privacy. Do not set up a tent any nearer than 150 meters from a house or a cottage
  • You'll need permission from the land owner if you camp for longer than 2 nights
  • Do not light a fire in nature between 15 April to 15 September
  • Please respect the fact that others might use the area as their livelihood
  • If you bring along a dog in nature, you are obligated to keep it on a leash where livestock is grazing. Remember the general laws on keeping dogs on a leash
  • For hunting and fishing, special rules apply that you need to be aware of
  • Flying with drones is forbidden throughout the entire landscape protection area
  • Larger events are not allowed without a special dispensation
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Where is Ognasanden beach?