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Sirevåg has a harbour with charm and soul, safely located behind Europe's second-longest shoulder breakwater between Jæren and Dalane. Sirevåg has been a centre for fishing and shipping for generations and had its first public quay in 1916. Before that, there had only been steep rock walls to dock at. One of them was called the King's Jetty after Sirevåg received honourable royal visits. Sirevåg is also the end point of the historic King's Road (Kongevegen) along Jæren.

The coastal culture is still alive and well in the village, and plans are now being developed for land-based fish farming in Sirevåg in the future. The harbour is important for goods transport and tourism, and there is a motorhome parking area, toilets and a marina with guest berths.

Explore nature and culture

Sirevåg harbour is an excellent starting point for exploring the many hiking and outdoor activities available on the very edge of Norway. If you're interested in history and war memories, check out Vedafjell, located at Stormolovegen road between Sirevåg harbour and County Road 44. Enjoy the beautiful view of the sea and explore the many tunnels and gun emplacements from the Second World War. Remember to bring a torch!

Along the beautiful Jæren coast, it's great for both walking and cycling. Check out the Jærruta cycle route or the walk from Sirevåg to Ognastranden. For those who want a trip in a different terrain, there are also several nice options in the area. For example, you can visit Smøråsen, Borgåsen, Bjørndalsniben or "Den vestlandske hovedveg" and the day trip cabin Tvitjørn.

Sirevåg harbour is also a great place for those who enjoy activities such as fishing, swimming, golf, diving, bouldering and sport climbing.

Sannarvågen is a nice beach at Sirevåg harbour, but it's also not far from Ognastranden, which is a hidden gem surrounded by rocky cliffs, rocky outcrops and a river oasis. If you prefer to swim in freshwater, you can take a dip in Stemmavatnet or Ognaelva.

If you are interested in natural stone and geology, you may know that there is a large quarry for the rare stone anorthosite in Sirevåg. Anorthosite is Hå municipality's municipal stone and Rogaland's county stone. The stone has a unique play of colours in blue, yellow and green and is used for everything from jewellery stones to tiles. Sirevåg tiles are sought after all over the world. They have even been used by the Sheikh of Dubai who chose them over Italian marble.

Accommodation, food and drink

If you need a place to stay in Sirevåg, there are several accommodation options in the area. You can stay in your own motorhome at the motorhome car park or check in at Sirevåg Konferansehotell. You'll also find several campsites, cabins and accommodation options in the vicinity of Sirevåg. Dreaming of waking up in a truly unique place? Check out Trekronå at Ogna.

When you get hungry or need a break after a day full of experiences, head to Pauserommet - a cosy eatery with good food that also sells some clothes and gift items. Sirevåg Conference Hotel serves dinner every evening to its guests, and it is also possible to order dinner here if you are not staying at the hotel. There is also a bar at the conference hotel. Just by the harbour, there is a small convenience store and a cosy bakery. A larger grocery store and the fast food restaurant Svingen Grill can be found in the neighbouring village of Ogna.

Ship festival and other events

Sirevåg is famous for hosting the Tall Ships Races, an exciting regatta that attracts thousands of visitors. This is a fantastic opportunity to experience a unique atmosphere in the harbour with concerts and activities when "Christian Radich", "Sørlandet" or other impressive ships dock.

Sirevåg also offers other annual events that are suitable for the entire family. If you want to learn more about marine life, you can experience Sea Day in August. Here you can sample seafood, see fishing boats and lifeboats, take part in competitions and much more.

If you're looking for a sporty challenge, you can sign up for Kystjegerløpet, a race for those who are tempted by obstacle courses at the water's edge and through dark wartime tunnels. The race takes place in September.

At Ogna, you'll also find Grønefed kulturtun with a concert stage and activity packages.

How to get to Sirevåg

Sirevåg is easily accessible by various means of transport. You can take the train from Stavanger station to Sirevåg station along the Sørlandsbanen railway line. The journey takes about an hour and gives you a great view of the Jæren landscape. If you prefer to drive a car or motorhome, you can follow county road 44. It's about 65 kilometres from Stavanger to Sirevåg and the road is well signposted. You can of course also take the sea road.

Explore the Edge of Norway on two wheels

The Jærruta bike ride is a refreshing and contrasting adventure. Speed off on an electric bike with good friends along the captivating beaches of Jæren in enchanted light with thrilling experiences on all sides.

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