Along the Jæren coastline, you can follow paths that people have walked before you thousands of years ago. You get to see remains of the prehistoric sunken road and the historic Kongevegen (the Royal road/King's road) from the 1600s. Parts of the hike follows partially this road, and has therefore been named "Kongevegen" (the Royal road/King's road). Some of the ancient tracks are still visible. The beach zone is rich in cultural heritage, and the entire area is a protected landscape area. The hike can start and finish on different locations. The most usual stretches are: Hå gamle prestegard – Obrestad harbour, Obrestad harbour – Grødalandstunet, Grødalandstunet – Varhaug gamle kirkegard.  Attractions along the route:  From north to the south: Hå gamle prestegård (old vicarage), a large burial ground at Hå, excavated and restored​​​​​​, Obrestad lighthouse, Grødalandstunet with buildings from the 1700s and 1800s, coal drilling monument at Grødalandsstranden, millhouse and dry house at Bodle and Varhaug old cemetery. More burial mounds along the entire beach. Parts of the area are also plant life protected.  

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Where is Kongevegen - the Royal road?