Nærbøparken is a bird park in the middle of Nærbø. It is always open. In addition to birds, the park also has exercise equipment for those who want a little more than just relaxing and strolling through the park. Definitely worth a visit if you have not been before. History In the early 20th century, there was a bell-ringer's farm where the park is today. It was closed down in the early 1930s. The actual work of developing the park began in 1935-36. The founder of Nærbø Park, Randulf Aadnesen (1894-1989), was allowed to buy an area from Hå municipality, for NOK 50 a dekar (1 dekar equals 0,25 acres). The area was a large swamp, with no water, and not a single tree. Initially, Nærbø municipality wanted to use the entire area for the construction of homes. No one else believed in the idea of ​​a park here, but Randulf took on the task with great zeal. In 1937, Randulf Aadnesen received help from teachers and students to plant the first trees in the park. He got trees from the forest company. This means that he oldest trees in the park are more than 65 years old. The work to facilitate for ponds and water started just before World War II. They used shovels and wheelbarrows to drive the mass away, but this was heavy and expensive and this work ended before the war began. During the war there was a great shortage of fuel. Large-scale mechanical peat cutting was started and went on for four years. This provided good fuel for people during the war, and at the same time the park received revenue. The edges of the excavated bog were paved and the park now had a little pond for the birds could be in. Just inside, by the main gate, to the right, is a burial mound from older times. During the war, the Germans dug it up, and set up a cannon position there. IMPORTANT INFORMATION: It is not allowed to feed the birds Bird life Several birds eventually found their home in the park. Swans, peacocks, ducks, chickens and geese became permanent residents, but also wild birds came. Fish was also here, but it was fished up, or just disappeared due to the ecological conditions in the pond. Since 1977, Hå municipality has operated the park and continued the cultivation work. Randulf Aadnesen was seen in the park every day, until his death in 1989. He was then 94 years old. Today, the park appears as an oasis in the centre of Nærbø, and it has many visitors from the local area throughout the year.  The house in the park Civil architect Per Line, made the drawings for the new house in the park in 1996. This was built and opened in the summer of 2005. The house in Nærbøparken is used as a showroom, and for educational work in school. The house can be rented out for private events, and to teams and associations. 

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