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Hå gamle prestegard is one of the most popular excursion destinations at Jæren. Here, by the mighty sea, you can both find peace and refreshment. This is a unique art and culture centre that conveys exciting local history while looking out to the world.

Right by the mighty sea, you can experience exhibitions from both Norwegian and international contemporary artists that will challenge, engage or perhaps surprise you. You can also attend lectures and talks on current topics in art, literature and history, or enjoy concerts, family days or larger events held a few times a year.

The vicarage's art shop has a large selection of paintings, ceramics, glass art, jewellery and clothing. Here you can find something nice for yourself or a gift for a loved one. In the cosy café, you can enjoy homemade soups, bread with toppings or delicious pastries while browsing through fresh newspapers and magazines. The café also has a cosy playroom for children.

Experience the past

Hå gamle prestegard is not only a place for art and culture but also has a rich history. The listed buildings on the site have been restored and preserved to give you an insight into life at Jæren through the ages. Today you'll find the café in the main house on the farm, which dates from 1787. This is the oldest preserved vicarage building in the Jæren parish. The two old farm buildings are now exhibition spaces, and in a newer extension, you will find the reception and art shop.

Hå gamle prestegard also has an exciting archaeological history. In the vicarage yard, you will find traces of a 9,000-year-old settlement from the Stone Age, the oldest found in the area. In the ancient jærhus (a typical house from the area), which was moved here in 1985, you can see a permanent exhibition about how people and nature lived together in the Stone Age. You can also meet the Viste boy, a reconstruction of the Stone Age skeleton found in the cave, Vistehola, at Randaberg in 1902.

On the beautiful pebble beach by the vicarage are the beach grave ruins, one of the finest Iron Age burial sites in the Nordic region. Here you can see how people were buried with their possessions, such as glass beads and weapons.

With sea views, stone walls and a lush garden surrounding the courtyard, the vicarage blends naturally into the landscape and offers experiences both inside and out.

A perfect place for a Sunday outing

Hå gamle prestegard is a popular destination for Sunday walks, whether on foot, by bike or by car. It's beautiful both when it's stormy and when it's quiet. Take a walk along the hiking route, Kongevegen, which runs past the vicarage. Here you can enjoy nature and at the same time gain insight into the history along the coast. It is also nice to walk along the river Håelva, out towards Håtangen down towards the sea or towards Nærland, Refsnes or Skeie.

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Hå gamle prestegard

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