Varhaug old cemetery is situated on Varhaug farm in the municipality of Hå. The cemetery dates back to the Middle Ages and is listed as a cultural monument. The first church was probably built here around 1200, and since then several churches have stood by the cemetery. Today's chapel was erected in 1951. Varhaug chapel is just over 15 m2 and is furnished with 14 traditional wicker chairs. The small chapel is often used for weddings. In the chapel hangs an old church bell from 1791 and a copy of the sculpture "Sapienta" (wisdom), dated 1650-1720. According to the Stavanger Museum, the original sculpture must have come from a church that stood on this church site earlier. In 2003 the chapel was used during recording of the music video for the song Evig Pint (Eternal Suffering), from Kaizer's Orchestra album of the same name.

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  • Sør-Varhaug
  • 4360 VARHAUG
51 79 30 00

Where is Varhaug old Cemetery?