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Sola is rich in traces of earlier settlements, dating back to the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, the Viking period as well as more recent times.

The most beautiful beach in the world?

The most important transport hub for travellers in the region is located at Sola. You basically fly in for landing over the Solastranden beach. The beach is popular among locals and visitors. Sunday Times once named the beach one of the most beautiful in the world. We agree! In a national grading of the best beaches in Norway from 2006, Solastranden reached the top of the list as number one.

A small centre with a big heart

Solakrossen is the largest townlet in Sola municipality, where there are both restaurants, opportunities for shopping, the municipality's town hall, a culture house and several things to do. With a new town hall and a new church north of Solakrossen, the area has been given a boost, with a beautiful park, library, a concert hall and a youth centre.

The village wins high on service and product knowledge. The small centre offers varied shops where you can find unique items, both in yarn, interior and fashion. In the area, you will also find shops selling equipment for sports and leisure, flowers and building materials, as well as a wide range of wellness.

Getting hungry, you will find a varied offer, with everything from sushi to traditional Norwegian dishes. In the supermarkets and east of the centre, you can also find fast food, which can be taken to the beach or enjoyed in the park in the area.

North of Krossen, is the well-known Jordbærtorget (translates to the strawberry square) at Joa, with beautiful, local strawberries. In the immediate vicinity, you will also find beautiful hiking areas around Åsen with a rich history.

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Historic hotels and scrumptious food

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