Flyhistorisk Museum Sola, the aviation museum, is located next to Stavanger airport, Sola. The museum displays an impressive range of aeroplanes, helicopters and other objects related to aviation.

The exhibition is inside an authentic German hangar from World War 2. Over 30 aeroplanes are displayed. Amongst these are all models of jet fighters that the Air Force previously operated, German and Norwegian aeroplanes used in World War 2, a Consolidated PBY5A Catalina, Messerschmitt Bf 109 and a range of civil classics from the Norwegian Air force from 1950s onwards. Many will probabøy characterise the German seaplane, Heinkel HE 115, lifted our of Harfrsfjord in 2012, as the museum's monst unique collection. From August 2020, a Douglas DC-6B will also be exhibited outside the museum.

The aviation museum is largely run by volunteers who put an impressive workload and enthusiasm in the collection and in the day to day tasks at the museum. 

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NOK 240


  • Sola Prestegårdsveg 170
  • 4050 SOLA
47 77 60 20

Where is The Museum of Aviation History?