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"Everyone" is aware of our top attractions Preikestolen and Kjerag. And of course, the hikes to the main attractions of our region are an experience that we highly recommend. Once you've been there, do you think that's all our region has to offer? Of course not!

Even far from the big tourist crowds, you will find hikes with varied trails, idyllic picnic spots, great views and exciting historical background. Places that have by no means been discovered by "everyone" and are still considered insider tips even among the locals. And the best part? Usually, they are easily accessible and reachable, so you don't have to plan a whole day for a visit. Come along and discover some of our favourite places:

Places of excursion with historical background

Our region has been inhabited for many generations since the land was free of ice after the last ice age about 10 000 years ago. Thus, there are countless cultural sites where our ancestors have left traces, and different eras are reflected in diverse cultural and historical elements. Discover unique places with exciting history:

Places of excursion with historical background

Special places

Are you interested in architecture? Open your eyes to structures other than "just" houses and take a trip to Midgardsormen (the Midgard Serpent from Norse mythology), a bridge that connects the hiking areas on both sides of Lake Frøylandsvatnet. Interested in art? Look out for sculptures and installations in the wild - in places you certainly wouldn't have expected to find them. Like the so-called Mor Norge (Mother Norway), also known as Steinkjerringå (Stone Woman), a sculpture you will find in the middle of the mountains of Høg-Jæren, not far from the peak Synesvarden. We also recommend that you make a stop at Obrestad harbour to see the work of art Konvoi. This can be combined with a hike along the popular Kongeveien route.

Sometimes, however, nature itself creates the most beautiful works of art. Have you heard of the stone face at Vigdel? This is located in a beautiful hiking area near Vigdel Fortress, not far from Vigdel Beach. A nice destination, especially if you want to motivate your kids to come along!

Recreation areas

Popular with children is the area around the Vistnestunet farm. Here, several hiking trails and paths lead through pastures of cows, goats, sheep and other farm animals. Auglend is another disused farm, which is now used as a very versatile recreation area. Did you find it exciting to walk among the old bunkers of Vigdel Fortress? Then your next trip could be to Fjøløy Fort. In case you want to go on a longer trip, we recommend going to Bukkaknuten. Are you looking for a nice winter area for skiing and sledging? Then we recommend Brekko or Stavtjørn. As soon as there is enough snow, beautiful cross-country skiing trails are prepared here.

Recreation Areas with historical background

More recreation areas

Restful vacation days in Sokndal

Lille Presteskjær fyr is a beautiful cast iron lighthouse by the Rekefjord in Sokndal, set in the rugged rocky landscape with beautiful views of the North Sea. The lighthouse can be rented for overnight stays and for groups. To get there you follow the hiking trail from Nordfjord, otherwise, you need boat transportation. In Sokndal, there are many insider tips to discover; have you heard of the Nesvåghåla? Maybe the best place to start is the idyllic village of Sogndalstrand, where you can stroll along the charming wooden houses, talk to the locals and get their recommendations.